Play The Silver Ball: Turn Your iDevice Into A Pinball Machine

If you're of a certain, pre-PONG/DONKEY KONG age — or you just like whistling the Who's "Pinball Wizard" a lot — you might still have a soft spot in your heart for classic pinball machines.  While the onslaught of video games both arcade- and home-based pushed these electro-mechanical marvels to the side, there's something to be said for the tactile sensation of putting that little silver ball through its paces — something many digital pinball simulators have struggled, and failed, to replicate.

Enter Pinball Magic, who realized what was missing from those pinball machine apps — the machine itself.  So they developed a baby pinball machine shell into which you drop your iPhone or iPod Touch, complete with working flipper buttons and a ball launcher.  Add the free pinball game app and start making those digit counters fall.  Still not convinced?  Allow this video demo to sway you:


Brookstone (the vibrating-chair people) carry the iPhone/iTouch version, currently on sale for US$29.95.  There's an iPad-sized version as well.