Report: Apple Orders Massive Buttload of Storage for iTunes Video Content

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You know what a petabyte is? That's about 1,000 terabytes. StorageNewsletter reports that the Cupertino-based company has ordered 12 petabytes (12,000TB) from Isilon Systems. This will be used to store iTunes video content. While the author of this post doesn't claim to be a video expert, we can safely say that's a lot of video storage. According to the report, Apple's order is probably the largest Isilon has seen.

For those who have been keeping tabs, we've heard countless rumors of Apple launching a cloud-based storage solution for users, and we've heard stories of their massive data center in North Carolina that will be used to support iTunes and MobileMe in the future.

While we may not see this stuff up front, it may definitely be a hint as to what to expect from Apple in the future as they work to expand their iTunes store and provide even more video content than they have in the past. Website AppleInsider points to a recent study that said Apple's iTunes Store controls a majority of the "Internet Video on Demand" market by making up 64.5 percent of those sales. Wow, that's actually more than we thought, to be honest.

Perhaps we will see some of the results of these major projects when and if Apple announces iOS 5 at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

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