Report: iPhone 5 Will Headline Apple’s Music Event

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Avian Securities (via All Things D) is saying that the new iPhone, the iPhone 5 won't be making an official public appearance until late September. If this happens, it would be at Apple's fall music event and break the usual tradition of a June unveiling with a release a few short weeks later.

The news comes from component suppliers who are saying that production for the device will begin in Septermber. The report adds that "this is consistent with Avian findings in the supply chain in recent months and we believe the consensus view is moving towards this scenario."

We've heard this rumor in the past, and it was first reported by All Things D. Back then, there was no said timeframe, just a rumor that the device may not appear at WWDC 11. Now we are getting more information on when it may actually be revealed.

According to the report, we can definitely expect to see the new iPod line, which makes sense given that this is Apple's music event. That would include any new touch, shuffle and nano devices. Whether we see another Apple TV remains unknown, but at this point it's probably not a hot enough item to be deserving of refining. Not yet at least. It will probably sell steadily enough to keep Apple happy. We all know that the real money is in releasing that new iPhone, that announcement would definitely take priority.

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