Report: Toys R’ Us to Start Carrying the iPad?

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Where's one of the least likely places you'd expect to pick up an iPad? How about Toys R' Us? Well, maybe it makes sense, but it's not exactly a Best Buy.

It seems that the iPad will soon be available for purchase at Toys R' Us stores. According to website ModMyi, a store employee tipped them off to let them know that the retailer has been training workers on the iPad 2.

The report points out there have been such rumors in the past, but that this is actually the first time that an employee has anything to say on the matter. What's also interesting is that they have sent photos of some of the training sheets that the employees are receiving so that they may learn about the tablet in case they are asked by customers about the product. Those sheets look much like the one pictured above.

Looks like Apple's tablet device is becoming available everywhere. Even toy stores are going to start selling it. We just wonder when we will see those cool iPad vending machines like they have at the air port for other iDevices, PSPs and Nintendo DS systems. Those things rock.

Whether many parents will by their kids the $500+ is another thing, we are sure many will. Either way Steve Jobs is definitely smiling right now as he further plans iPad world domination.

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