RockMelt Browser for iPhone Now Available

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RockMelt is an iPhone browser that was just released today. It's based on the Chrome browser, and has a strong emphasis on social networking.

As the App's page describes, it gives you live updates from Facebook, Twitter and various other sites you enjoy. It mentions that users can also share links and photos, update status on social networks, etc. While the social network integration is cool and all, a personal favorite feature of of ours is the ability to save webpages for later viewing. Ever had one of those times when you find something interesting, but don't have time to check it out right away, so you plan to see it later and you just forget about it? Happens to a lot of us.

It also explains that if you have RockMelt on your computer, you can copy your bookmarks, links and feeds back and forth, "If RockMelt is already installed on your computer, your bookmarks, feeds, items saved for viewing later, and more will automatically be included when you first load RockMelt on your iPhone and iPod touch. If this is your first time using RockMelt, your bookmarks, feeds, and more will be automatically imported onto your Mac or PC when you install RockMelt on your computer later."

The good news is that it's free, so it's worth taking a look. At worst, you can delete it afterwards. Check it out here.

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