Final Fantasy III Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


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SquareEnix has recently released the classic Final Fantasy III for iOS. Keep in mind that this isn’t the same Final Fantasy III some of us played a long time ago on the SNES. Many of you FF fans may know that there was a bit of a shuffle in the order of Final Fantasy games in the States, and our two and three were actually five and six in Japan.

The bummer is that we somehow missed it when it was released. We blame the iPad 2 for that. Either way, the game is rather pricey for the iOS platform at $15.99, but that’s not exactly unusual for SquareEnix. This same game was actually released for the Nintendo DS a few years ago, but it looks like it’s been retouched for the iDevices. We will warn you, this game isn’t as easy as many of the other games in the series. This one seems to focus less on story and more on grinding, lots of grinding. If that’s not your favorite aspect of a JRPG, we suggest skipping this one. Otherwise, go right ahead. It’s a great game, just not what some of those who have played the newer games would be used to.

Either way, it’s a beautiful game with beautiful design.

Check it out at the App Store: $15.99

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