Rumor: This Could be the iPhone 5 … Maybe

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Image from MIC Gadget

Well, it’s not the whole phone, but it is the front panel, supposedly. Everyone has been calling it the iPhone 4S right now, so we guess we may have to go with that: Is this the white iPhone 4S? Perhaps, figured website MIC Gadget.

While they admit that they do not know the authenticity of the above photo, we can all agree that it’s definitely not the white iPhone 4. Look at that reduced bezel. Also, unlike many of the other designs we’ve seen, this one doesn’t look ugly. Of course that’s not a confirmation that it’s real, but we have seen quite a few mock-ups over the last few months and most of them are hideous. This is by far less ugly than some of the other stuff we’ve seen. Again, as MIC Gadget says, this could very well be some sort of mock-up. At this point, neither result would surprise us.

What do you think? Real, fake? Someone pulling our chain, or just trying to create a concept for what they think their dream iPhone 5 would look like?

Also, it’s kind of a bummer (and makes us wonder why) they did not take a side and back shot of the supposed next-gen Apple handset. It’s hard to gauge the thickness from here, but it looks more like what we’ve heard with past rumors about going with the curved back panel.

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