Smartphone App War – Android Ahead Over iPhone Apps

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Analytics research firm Distimo has just released figures, detailing the world's smartphone app stores, laying emphasis over the pricing of mobile applications across different platforms, in its latest report. Whereas this doesn't come as a surprise, the report mentions as Android leading in the area of free apps compared to all other platforms specially the iPhone.

Accoring to the research firm, Google's Android Market currently offers 134,342 free apps for download, while on the other hand, the Apple's App Store for iPhone offers 121,845 free applications. Marking the growth in such a short span of time, the nature of the app growth of the Android Market is to grow higher as developers pour in more to spice things up.

Witnessing a sharp growth for the Android Apps, developers seem to be more looking towards ads and in-game purchases for revenue rather adopting one-time purchases. Whereas this comes as a pure "google way" thing, it also suggests that a large number of users would not like to pay for the apps they use.

Whereas Android holds the number two spot for the amount of apps on the market, Distimo figures suggest that it leads in the area of Free Apps over any other mobile operating platform. Moreover the research firm also eyes as Android to take a sure lead later this year in an overall app culture.

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