Some iOS Apps Are Now Compatible With ‘ix.Mac.MarketingName’


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Awesome! If you read the iTunes preview of some iOS Apps, you may see that they have the usual list of compatible devices, such as iPHone, iPod touch and iPad. We have learned that some of these Apps are now compatible with Apple’s ‘ix.Mac.MarketingName.’ Which means that … wait, we don’t know what ‘ix.Mac.MarketingName’ is. In fact, no one does. Well, except for maybe some App developers and Apple. Either way, it’s something that was spotted this morning by some sharp-eyed iOS user.

It’s not part of every App. It’s just some of them, but right now everybody is trying to make a connection. Maybe it’s something, and maybe it’s nothing. Website Engadget says that it may be an indication that apps are finally making their way to Apple TV. Still, they quickly add that they would “rather not stack speculation on top of uncertainty,” which definitely means they are unsure of what it means as well, and would rather not start rumors.

We’re sure that if means anything, things will start coming together soon. It’s interesting that some of the top-selling Apps by the biggest developers, such as Rovio’s Angry Birds (original for iPhone) doesn’t have that ‘ix.Mac.MarketingName’ thingy in it. We’ll keep an eye out.


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