South Park Season Premiere: The HUMANCENTiPAD



South Park is always great with their satire. It looks like this time they are going with Apple. At least for the short segment shown above. You can see Steve Jobs, or parody Jobs, whatever you wanna call him, introducing the latest innovation from Apple. It’s a take on the Human Centipede and the iPad. It’s the HumancentiPad.

Frightening? A bit. Funny? Yeah. The episode premieres tonight (April 27th, 2011) so we will definitely be watching it as it’s sure to be great. Check your local listings or tune into Comedy Central if you already know what time South Park is on. Then again, if you already know what time South Park is usually on, chances are you don’t need us to remind you to watch it.

Let’s hope Apple doesn’t hassle the makers of South Park for this one. It wouldn’t be the first time Comedy Central caves to pressure from someone who doesn’t appreciate their sense of humor. As you must know by now, South Park isn’t exactly the most SFW show on the planet. If you are easily offended, or the show’s humor doesn’t appeal to you, move along.

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