Stand By For Auction! White iPhone Prototype Winds Up On eBay

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Psst.  Hey, buddy!  Got a few grand burning a hole in your pocket?  Then you might wanna rush over to eBay before 6:30 Pacific Time.  Why?  Well, a user named ticiamattia23 is auctioning off what purports to be the Moby Dick of smartphones: a white iPhone 4 prototype.  [Click the image above to view full screen.] Crows the seller:

Hello! I Have a mint condition Executive iPhone 4 that has not been introduced to the public.  The phone has no Serial number written on the back.  It shows XXGB and Serial Number shows XXXXXXXXXXXX.  You have to go through the settings in order to view the SN.  The number shown in the display says 8801401JFRY (I believe that the phone belongs to an Apple Developer by the name of Jeffrey).

As you can see, the bids have already topped US$3000.00 with nine hours to go on the auction.  Also significant: according to the seller's feedback page, this is only their second posting as a seller.  Their first offered item?  "African wax printed fabric," of which the buyer of record wrote "I did not receive the item. My money was given back to me."  (To be fair, they did post positive feedback regarding the [non-]auction…)

9 to 5 Mac has already confirmed that the markings and onscreen codes look legit for a prototype iPhone.  However, assuming that the Letal Eagles of Jobs don't fire off a C&D note in the next few hours, you still might want to exercise a football-sized dose of caveat emptor before submitting a bid.

[Via 9 to 5 Mac]

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