Steve Jobs First Authorized Biography Coming in 2012: Things We Wanna Know!

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Steve and Steve

Wow. Steve Jobs sure has softened up a bit over the years, but that's a good thing. It's interesting to learn more about a guy like Steve Jobs. Whether you like Apple or not, or whatever your opinion may be of how the dude does business, learning about his life actually sounds very interesting. 

Much of Steve's life is kept fairly private as the guy has never been known to talk about stuff going on behind the scenes, but this is the first look at all of that. It's also the first time we are going to hear it, albeit indirectly, from the man himself. At least this is as close as we will probably ever get, because he will be giving it his approval

The book will be called iSteve: The Book of Jobs, it's going to be written by Walter Isaacson. Let's have a look at what we really want to know about Steve Jobs, and what we hope this book can shed some light on.

1) So What Did He Really See on While on Acid?

We're not condoning drug use by any means. However, it's been reported that Steve Jobs did experiment with LSD and has called those experiences "one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life." Yeah, he's a product of the 60s. Still, if he placed that sort of importance on some of those events, it must have been enlightening. What did he experience?


2) What Did He Have in Mind for Pixar?

Steve Jobs bought Pixar a long time ago. Long before they were the success story they are today. Admittedly, we don't know a lot about Pixar's history, but it seems that they were part of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm, according to Wikipedia, but Steve picked it up. We don't know if he had movies in mind (he may have), but it would be interesting to know what he was hoping to get out of Pixar when he bought it.


3) What Was it Like to See Apple Sail Towards Demise? And Being Unable to Do A Thing About It?

Nobody cares about Apple as much as Steve Jobs does. It's his baby. He loves the company. There was a time when he was forced out, and for several years he had to watch the company work its way towards demise. Seriously, it didn't look like Apple was going to make it. This must have been painful to watch after having worked it up to what it was. Still, Steve was able to come back, and Apple was almost reborn into what it is today. What did he learn while he was away? What went through his mind as he watched Apple start to sink? We wanna know.



4) Like a Boss! What's a Typical Day at Apple Like for Steve?

What's it like to be the boss at Apple? One of the strongest tech companies in history? He runs the show, and at this point, people seem to just trust his judgement. Sure, there are many people involved and several of them play major parts at Apple, but what's it like? Does he start the morning with a cup of yogurt and check out what Jonny Ive is working on then head over to play with the latest iPhone? Does he chill on a big fancy chair and watch his employees on an array 27-inch Apple displays or play Angry Birds on his iPad all day?  You get the idea.


Learning About Jobs

Again, not everybody cares for how Steve Jobs does things. That's understandable. He's known for being a bit of a hard guy to work with. Still, it would be interesting to learn about his management style, or what went on behind some of Apple's most popular product designs and how he worked to rebuild Apple when he returned.

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