The Best April Fools Prank Ever — For the iDevice Owner


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This is the best joke you can play on your friends with an iPhone or iPad. We were having a bit of fun this morning with one of our buddies. Note that our friend knows we run an iPhone site, so they tend to see us as their "tech guy" who knows what's going on in the world of iPhones.

We couldn't resist, so we started by just matter-of-factly texting "Get flash for your iPad" and told them to search iTunes for Adobe Flash. They looked around for a while, and we loved that they were sitting around looking for the software so they could finally get Flash on their iPad.

Sadly, they found nothing. After about 20 minutes they sent back the "I don't see it" message. It was fun to lead them on a bit, until we finally had to let them know we were just pullin' their chain. April Fools indeed.

This one tends to work if you just casually bring it up, don't overhype it. Just tell them to check out the App, and not suspecting anything, they will check it out. Unfortunately, there is still no Adobe Flash for the iPhone or iPad. See how long it takes before your friend realizes you are just joshin' them.

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