The iPhone 5 is So Last Year, So Here’s an iPhone 6 Rumor

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We see you rolling your eyes, but just hang in there for a bit. Yes, the iPhone 5 is still technically a rumor at this point, but check this out: The latest one to come from the land of iPhone rumors is actually about the iPhone 6. Right now Japanese newspaper Nikkan is reporting that Sharp is working on some ultra-thin LCD screens that should be in production by next spring. You know what next spring translates into for most tech sites and blogs? “Just in time for the next iPhone.” Yup, that’s what it becomes.

According to Nikkan (via Google Translate), these are low-temperature poly-silicon and will be thinner, lighter and brighter than previous LCD screens. It’s also reported that they consume less battery life than current LCDs, always a good thing in a smartphone, which makes sense from an iPhone 6 perspective as Apple is always trying to cram more battery life into their devices.

Right now, we’re more interested in the iPhone 5 (though many have been calling it the iPhone 4S these days), as that’s actually going to be available in the not-too-distant future. The iPhone 6 probably won’t even be more than a rumor until well over a year from now. Still, don’t be surprised is you start reading more about the next-next-generation Apple handset.

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