iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup: Launching in October, A5 Chip, iOS 5


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Here Come the iPhone 5 Rumors

At least one rumor we heard said that the iPhone 5 may be getting a 12.6MP camera. We honestly don't think that's the case yet. We are more inclined to believe that the 8MP sensors that Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer spoke about a few weeks back will be for the next iPhone.

Wait Until October?

That said, here is some more news. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities (we know, another analyst, but this one has a decent track record) believes that the iPhone 5 will be released in October, rather than September. However, the announcement will come in September as the previous rumors state.

Camera, Other Hardware and iOS 5

Then there is the camera. It seems that it will have that 8MP camera sensor Stringer mentioned. It's also rumored that it will shoot 1080p video, which seems like the next logical step for the device. The device will be powered by the A5 chip, which is also no big surprise given the iPad 2 hardware. Then you can't forget that iOS 5 is said to be shipping with this new iPhone, which of course will sport improved MobileMe features.

Then there is the rumor of the Qualcomm chipset capable of running on both CDMA and GSM networks, which would eliminate the need for two separate phones. Of course there are also rumors of a slightly updated antenna, which would help close the antennagate chapter of Apple's history.

Most of these just make sense. Why wouldn't these features be part of the next iPhone? 8MP is believable. 12.6MP as recently? Not yet. Apple wouldn't make that big of a jump anyway. They'd wait for the iPhone 6.

Be Ready for It

The iPhone 5? No! The rumors. There will be many of them coming in over the next few months, and you can only expect them to pick up as the release draws near. Just a heads-up.

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