The White iPhone Shows Up in Verizon’s Inventory

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Image 9to5mac

Would you believe that it’s finally happening? We barely do. It’s a little late. Well, it’s a lot late, but still, it’s more official than it ever was before. Why? Because it seems that some places are already listing it in their inventory. At least Verizon is, according to reports. It looks as if both a 16GB and 32GB model are on the way for Verizon subscribers and while the AT&t model hasn’t shown up yet, we can probably expect it to arrive around the same time.

This isn’t unusual as Apple recently confirmed that the new handset would be available this spring. Once, was Phil Schiller via his verified Twitter account, and a second was reported late last week. The screen above comes form 9to5Mac. If this all rolls out the way Apple plans, it seems that we can expect the White iPhone by the end of April.

The item IDs shown in the image list the current iPhone 4 32GB as MC678LL/A while the other 32GB model is listed only as MC679LL/A. As 9to5Mac points out, this is the same kind of number sequence used to separate the white iPad 2 from the black iPad 2.

The only question now is if anybody is still anxious about that white iPhone 4, or if they’d rather pick up the iPhone 5 when that is announced and released later this year (Rumors point to September).

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