10 Things South Park Human CENTiPAD Got Right


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South Park is one of those shows that always nails satire and does it almost perfectly every time. This episode decided to go for the Apple phenomenon. Everyone wants an iDevice right now it seems. There are a few that don’t, but hey, to each his own, right?

Anyway, the episode got a few things right. It was funny and pretty much said it the way it is. Let’s take a look at what yesterday’s episode of South Park got right.

Warning, possible spoilers ahead.


1) Everybody’s using them and we take it everywhere

During the opening scenes, Cartman shows off a bit of the elitist attitude that comes from some fanboys. All the kids who own one are playing around with their iPads while those who don’t get laughed at by Cartman.

2) Don’t Read the Terms?

Most of us don’t read the terms when we update iTunes. We don’t even know what we are agreeing to most of the time. Heck, even if we do read it, we have little idea what we are agreeing to because it covers just about everything, even possibilities that the companies haven’t considered yet. You have two choices: Agree to the terms or disagree and be the proud owner of a $500+ paperweight. Still, this shows that reading the terms can mean that you pretty much agreed to anything they feel like doing, even if it’s figuratively feeding you crap you don’t want and having you in turn feed it to someone else.

3) Steve Jobs Keynote

Apple’s keynotes are typically longer than five minutes, but they got the idea down. A crowd of people sits as Steve Jobs walks on stage (though he’s usually not introduced and all he really has to do is walk on stage to get a standing ovation) and he’s actually the CEO of Apple not the president. Still, the keynote was funny, and the mood was about right.

4) Apple store

Yup, it looked like an Apple Store. The brown wooden tables and the Macs everywhere. It was funny, and it reminded us of our trips to the Apple Store. Though that may be partly because of this next one.

5) Genius Bar

The Genius Bar. This was great. The Genius at his bar with his MacBook Pro. “Would you like a refund or exchange” and the whole idea of the replacement friend was funny. Then consulting the other genius and the whole “so should I just offer them an exchange” stuff was great.

6) Apple ID

When they ask for Kyle’s Apple ID is another nice little touch. It seems that Apple knows everything about you with your Apple ID. It truly is the key to all things they know about us, which reminds us.

7) Location Tracking

This one came up last week. Though it’s been said that Apple is not tracking us, this episode of South Park turned it into a bit of a joke with the Apple secret agent-type guys hunting down Kyle. He can’t fight it, because…well, he agreed to the terms. Even the one that says that Apple may attach him to the butt of another person and may attach that person to their butt. But hey, no one reads the terms, right?

8) Cult Mentality

We like our Apple devices, but some people turn it into an obsession. Sure, the iTruck is taking it a bit far, but sometimes it comes to tattoos and other stuff. Some people’s love for Apple goes way beyond anything we think is healthy. What if you decide you don’t want a Mac later? That Apple logo isn’t easy to take off your arm. Bonus points for Kyle’s dad being a Windows guy and not understanding the whole cult mentality.

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9) The “Other” Tablets (sort of)

While Cartman is at Best Buy and trying to buy an iPad (which they actually priced correctly) his mom suggests some of the other tablets. Cartman being the little douchebag that he is, wants the most expensive iPad just to show off to the other kids. He’s that kid who probably doesn’t even know what an iPad is, he just wants it to be part of the in crowd. Funny thing is, nobody cares about those other tablets in this episode. It kinda holds true. While there are plenty of tablets on the way, many don’t get the recognition the iPad does. Though most of those tablets aren’t actually cheaper if they are by a major brand name. They often run the same price.

10) Apple and Best Buy

Apple and Best Buy have some big event going on in this episode near the end. While it’s unlike Steve to present at something like this, it’s known that Apple and Best Buy are like best friends in the retail area. Apple supplies Best Buy with tons of their products, because the retailer is probably one of their biggest sellers.

Other Stuff

This episode was loaded with commentary on Apple’s popularity. It’s worth a few good laughs, and can be watched online at South Park Studios: SouthParkStudios.com. Remember, not safe for work, and not appropriate for younger audiences. You will need Flash player or an iPad (or iPhone) with the Skyfire browser.


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