This White iPhone 4 is Probably Not Running iOS 5 – Could Be Jailbroken

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There is a rumor circulating the internet saying that there is a photo of a white iPhone 5 showing a new spotlight search in a new version of iOS, presumably iOS 5 (pictured above).

One of our sharp-eyed readers (thanks, Madripper!) caught this and gave us a heads-up. This appears to be nothing more than multiflow, a Cydia App.


Madripper left the following comment:

“There is a large number of articles circulating the web about a white iPhone with a new multitasking. Please don’t post cause if they did there research they would see that the phone is jail broken using a cydia app called multiflow. You should post that it’s a hoax.”

What is Multiflow? This YouTube Video demos it. You can skip to about 1:11 if you want to see the similarities.
There is one possibility that we can’t rule out, however. We are sure that Apple software engineers pay attention to what’s hot in the jailbreak community. Why wouldn’t they? It would help them see what features people want on their phone and aren’t being provided. They could easily check out what’s popular and base new software off of that. Still, the white iPhone with the new multitasking app is much too easy to fake at this point. Let’s just let ourselves find out the truth at WWDC ’11.


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