Thunderbolt Dev Kits Coming Soon


Intel has recently announced that their Thunderbolt dev kits will be coming this quarter. This may be the first major step in the technology becoming a standard. The port made its debut on the current-gen MacBook Pro and can transfer both up and down an amazing 10Gps. So don’t be surprised if Apple starts using the heck out of these things. There are very few devices out there that work with the Thunderbolt format right now, and it’s mostly a few extra-fancy high-capacity storage devices that people use for video.

A few things are working in Thunderbolt’s favor as it’s super-fast, and very small. This means the tech can be used to help work towards building smaller computers. (next MacBook Air, anyone?) It can also support multiple daisy-chained devices. For instance, a monitor and additional devices can be used through a a single Thunderbolt port. This of course eliminates the need for multiple spaces on the side of your computer.

We also recently saw that Apple had patented an idea to make Thunderbolt connectable to a regular iDevice multi-pin connector. This could open up even more possibilities. Imagine the iPad with Thunderbolt. This would allow it not only to charge/carry power, but transfer data and share video all at once.

The video above shows an example of Thunderbolt at work. Jason Ziller, the fellow in the video,is showing how fast Thunderbolt can transfer data while sharing video in high def. It’s all daisy-chained. He transfers a 4.5GB video file from a raid array to the MacBook and then back to a different drive on the array. It takes about 13 seconds. He also shows a nice video of high def videos being shown on the connected Apple display. It’s fast.

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