Time Warner Going to Court Over Streaming Rights on iPad

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Time Warner Cable and Viacom are taking it to the courts, reports Engadget. All this, over this iPad app. Well, it goes deeper than that, it's really about the right to distribute cable content over a streaming app.

While Time Warner's Jeff Simmermon went on the record as saying "Of course we want our customers to know about this, but we also want to make sure that everyone understands that this is not combat." But this could be a major part in the future of entertainment as it will decide whether or not Time Warner has the right to stream cable content to subscribers over devices like Apple's iPad at no extra cost.

While some networks are allowing it, it's reported that some have sent cease and desist letters. That explains why many of the networks' content were pulled from the App over the last few weeks while being replaced by others. Seems some companies don't know progression when they see it.

Of course this is part of why we totally love Slingbox and SlingPlayer for iPad. It beams our television content direct to our iPad wherever we are and while companies like Viacom are trying to argue with Time Warner over how paid subscribers should be able to enjoy their content, we will enjoy our TV viewing from our SlingPlayer.

We posted a quick little how to-type post that showed users how they can enjoy their content from anywhere with the iPad. The initial purchases are not cheap, but you will no longer have to worry about companies and their lawsuits after that.


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