Toshiba’s New 24nm Flash Memory Hints at Possibilities for iPhone 5

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Is the 64GB iPhone 5 a possibility? It's seeming more likely now.

Toshiba recently updated their NAND flash memory, which reports say may be a hint as to what to expect from the iPhone 5. The new SmartNAND is based on allows flash chips that are up to 64GB for portable media players such as the iPod touch and iPhone or tablet PCs like the iPAd, according to Electronista.

They note that aside from the increased space efficiency, it also boasts faster read and write speeds. They also mention the chip's error correction, a feature that would "take some of the work of guaranteeing accurate date away" from the processor, freeing it up for other tasks.

This makes sense given that heard a rumor sometime back (and saw what was supposedly a 64GB iPhone) in a user's hands. This may be something we can expect from the next iPhone. After all, not many are expecting huge changes to the case design as Apple is known for smaller, incremental updates.

Expect the rumor mills to be a'churnin', and don't expect them to stop until the iPhone 5 is officially announced. As always, we will be keeping a lookout for anything new as we're sure the information will be flooding the internet.

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