UltraSn0w Unlock for iOS 4.3.1 Seems Near Completion

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Image from MuscleNerd

iPhone Dev-Team member and Twitter-tease extraordinaire MuscleNerd, has posted an image of an unlocked iPhone’s screen on T-Mobile with iOS 4.3.1. This is an update to the previous unlock and he makes sure to say that it’s not a new unlock. It will not unlock new basebands, it’s just meant for those who have unlocked and want to update to 4.3.1.

While he Tweets that issues with 4.3.1 are fixed, such as signal bars, he says that they are going need a few days to test all the devices.

Ultrasn0w will be available through Cydia. If you plan on updating, hit up our how to, for the Redsn0w 4.3.1 jb. Some seem to be having issues, but we checked it out with those directions and can confirm that we’ve been able to get it to work on our iPad 1G running 4.3.1. Just double-check that you are doing everything correctly.

We will be keeping an eye out, and we’re sure it will be released in the upcoming days. Again, as mentioned previously, this is not meant to unlock any new basebands. This is just a fix for those who want to retain their current unlock moving on to iOS 4.3.1. Sit tight for now. It’s coming.

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