We All Saw It Coming, But This Was Fast! iHub Shut Down

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We featured this one in Accessory Spotter last night. We said it wouldn’t be long before Apple shut them down, but we never figured it would be the next day. The iHub is a little USB hub that is designed to look very Apple. A little too Apple, if you ask Apple. They had the project shut down. Very quickly.

Just last night we wrote:

This one is pretty cool. Looks very Apple, and at about $10 bucks, it’s not Apple-priced. It seems that the response has been positive as the sellers say that they are not currently taking orders. That’s a bummer, because we don’t think it will be too long before Apple sends these folks the ol’ C&D. Also, this is a rare exception to our usual iDevice theme. This works with a Mac or PC and is just a USB hub.

Today the M.I.C. Store has released a statement saying that they are no longer selling the device, but if you already made a purchase “you are one of the lucky ones.” It looked nice, it’s just too bad it copied Apple design and the logo. We liked it, but Cupertino sure didn’t. But let’s hope Jon Ive saw it and took note.

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