Why the Networks Really Don’t Like Streaming Apps: One-Third of Users Choose Tablet Over TV

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We've heard about how Viacom and Time Warner aren't getting along. Time Warner argues that cable should be viewed from any paying subscriber's device (and it makes them look like the good guy in the eyes of the public.) and Viacom doesn't seem to think viewers should get to stream channels to their iPad. Maybe it's a buncha old fogies running the show at Viacom and they just aren't as hip as they think they are. Na, those are big corporate types, they probably love the iPad. Of course we know what they love more than the iPad: an extra couple of bucks.

According to a recent survey conducted by AdMob, 1 in 3 respondents use their tablet more than they watch TV. That may not seem like much, but that's still enough for networks to say, "Wait a second! There's money in this!" Which, we understand, is the way business works. After all, this isn't the first time they want costs to go up (Ha! Cut the commercials, then we'll talk).

Other than that, here are some more numbers that AdMob was able to find:

  • 68% of tablet users spend at least 1 hour a day on their tablet
  • 77% of respondents report that their desktop/laptop usage decreased after they started using a tablet
  • 82% of respondents said they primarily use their tablet at home

This is interesting as it's showing the rise in the popularity of tablets. About a year ago it was hard to say whether they were just a fad or something big and upcoming. At this point it seems that the answer is clear. Smartphones and tablets are a major part of where the consumer electronics business is going.

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