Will iOS 5 Add a PhotoStream App?

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Soon we will know for sure.

iOS 5 is probably due for reveal around June of this year. At least that’s what the rumors seem to point to as Apple’s WWDC announcement is going to be more software oriented than it has in the past. Again, that’s according to rumors.

It looks as it iOS 5 will be getting a PhotoStream feature. This was discovered by users who found hints of it deep within the current version (iOS 4.3). Website TUAW says that one of their readers discovered the app while using a third-party application to browse through his photos. It’s described as a feature that would let you view and sort the images in your iOS Photos app much like you would your playlists in the iPod app.

According to the report, the fact that it’s embedded within the software indicates that it may have been a feature that was implemented and pulled at the last minute to be used with iOS 5 as a major new feature.

This all ties in with the rumors of MobileMe getting a major overhaul. As TAUW speculates, this could be an interesting new way to share photos with friends and family thanks to the possible updates to MobileMe. We will see if Apple decides to use it after all. We’d welcome it as iOS doesn’t do a great job at sorting photos itself.

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