Worth Checking Out: The Final Hours of Portal 2


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Alongside the release of Portal 2, longtime videogame journalist Geoff Keighley released an iPad app detailing the development story of Valve's latest first-person action puzzler. We're not just saying this on the off chance that Mr. Keighley may be reading this, but it really seems like he's onto something with this app. At $1.99, the app is definitely worth it: No ads, 15,000 words, interactivity and tons of information.

You will learn about the Digipen team behind Narbacular Drop, the student project that later became Portal, as well as the years of stress that came with trying to figure out how to meet or surpass the greatness of one of the most beloved games in Valve's library.

If you're a fan of Valve, Portal or just great games in general, this app is worth checking out. We read it in one sitting, and would love to see more projects like this one.

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Available here – $1.99



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