Yes, Cartoonatic is Worth Your Dollar



This was a quick look through the various effects of Cartoonatic, a 99-cent iPhone App. There is a free version available as well, but the paid app gets rid of the ads and adds additional effects as well as giving users the ability to shoot a cartoon photo.

We took a quick look at the app and are having some fun with it. It was enough to convince us to pick up the paid version, so it did its job. For a dollar, it's a fun little app and we didn't mind supporting the developers on this one.

As you can see from our vids, not all of us at iSmashPhone are as skilled at video production as the two fellows handling our video reviews. This app is for those of us who just think it's fun to film our pet doing something silly and posting it on YouTube. As you can see, the cat has no objections to being filmed for viewing on the internet.

Definitely check out the app. It's free, and can be upgraded with an in-app purchase if you choose to. Either way, it's a lot of fun.

Oh, and here's another video. We were able to film and post to YouTube in less than a minute (over wifi, of course):




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