Accessor Spotter: Angry Birds Continues to Take Over the World With Cases

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We’ve seen it all at this point. There are Angry Birds plushies, some people have made costumes like the ones we see here and there are even short videos about the Angry Birds characters on various video sharing sites. That’s right, the Angry Birds thing is going to be alive for a while. That’s okay, the game is addictive. The characters attract people as does the gameplay. The concept is easy enough for anyone to understand, and it sells for almost nothing. There’s little not to like about the game.

Urban Outfitters has some Angry Birds iPhone 4 cases, and they come in four colors. Black, green, red and yellow, each represents a particular bird in the game (or in the case of the green one, a pig). Don’t forget that the White iPhone 4 is a bit thicker, and may not fit in all cases, according to some reports. Here is the description of the item from the seller’s website:

* Plastic
* Wipe clean
* Imported
* Fits iPhone 4
* 2.25″w, .25″d, 4.5″h

The sturdy construction of this iPhone 4 case is so durable, you could hurl it just like an Angry Bird and not have to worry about damaging your phone*. Featuring a character from the popular Angry Birds game, and molded in a super slim design. Clips easily onto your iPhone 4 while still granting total access to your ports and controls.

* This is not actually recommended. Please don’t throw your phone – you’re not an Angry Bird. We don’t think.”

You can see the rest of the cases here.


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