AirServer Beams Your AirPlay Content to Your Mac


This one may be good for those who like to share their iPad and iPhone content with others in the room, but don't own an Apple TV.

AirServer is an application for your Mac. It lets you stream via AirPlay to any Mac with the software installed. Meaning, you can watch a video on your iPad and beam it to your computer. This may not sound totally necessary. It's probably not, for most. However, as the video shows, it's great if you use the Mac as a set-top box rather than using an Apple TV. You can control the action from the comfort of your couch. Show video, playback music or show off family photos. Combine it with iMovie for iPad, you can film and edit your own video then beam it on over to the big screen so that the whole family can view it.

Here is part of the description from the product's website:

"AirServer is the most advanced AirPlay/AirTunes receiver app on the market. No other app will let you seamlessly stream audio, videos, photos, and photo slide shows to your Mac."

The application is three bucks, but it may suit the Mac household quite well. You know, if you happen to be like these folks in their iOS-powered home. Then again, they already have everything beaming to everything else.

The AirServer app is available at It's $3.


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