Ambient Alerts: Using the iPhone to Check Car Health

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The integration of the iPhone into the technical workings of your vehicle is taking a much more involved step than simply allowing you to access your media and apps through the dash.

The new Ambient Alerts system is going to act as a direct warning system for the health of your engine.  When the iPhone with Ambient Alerts is positioned into a dock on the steering wheel it will act as a conduit to not just let you know that a problem is taking place, but to actually diagnose the issues and give you an indication as to how severe it is.  Instead of just giving you a plain warning, which the car already does with the Check Engine light, the heart image can become different in appearance or even pulsate.  How this will actually work in a practical setting remains to be seen, but it seems as though they are on the right track for this use of the iPhone as a way of assessing travel technologies.


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