Angry Birds Rio Gets its First Update, Beach Volleyball

Rovio has just announced that the latest update to Angry Birds Rio is coming soon, and it’s going to be the beach-themed “Beach Volleyball.” Well, maybe that’s kind of a summer theme, too. Either way, it’s sunny and filled with sand.

Angry Birds continues to top App Store charts. Rovio introduced the latest game in the series, Angry Birds Rio, back in March. It’s a movie tie-in, for the animated film starring Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway. It’s the basic Angry Birds formula, with a few new touches and a Rio skin. That means, if you like the series, you will definitely have fun with this one.

The addition will include the new levels along along with the older game just as has been done in the past with Angry Birds Seasons, which as many know by now gets updated every so often to suit the time of year.

While no exact date is set for the Rio update, Rovio said that we can expect it to launch sometime this week. For now, you can get caught up on the game with these video walkthroughs:



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