Another Supposed iPhone 5 Component Shows Repositioned Camera Flash


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What’s the latest from the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S rumor mill? Another image of what is said to be the back panel of a white iPhone 5 (WeiBusi via MIC Gadget). This image was posted by a Chinese developer on Sina, which is China’s microblogging service similar to Twitter.

Like some of the past images we’ve seen, this one shows what looks like a repositioned camera flash. Like the previous ones, the flash and camera sensor are on opposite ends of the iPhone. This fits with the previous rumored images we’ve seen and heard about. Of course there is no telling if this is real, but we have definitely seen more than one with each coming from a different source.

You may remember the image we all saw of the alleged iPhone 5 case with the newly-placed flash. There were also components rumored to be part of the next-generation iPhone, and they were interesting because the flash was no longer connected to the sensor.

It’s starting to sound more real.

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