Apple Files Trademark for AirPrint Logo


Just a little fun friday news for you. Apple has filed a trademark for their AirPrint logo. There really isn’t anything we don’t know about the feature mentioned in the trademark application, but that’s expected. It’s just Apple protecting their assets.

AirPrint was introduced last year as part of iOS 4.2. It was shown off at an Apple event back in September of 2010 and released a few months later. The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system marked the iPad’s transition into iOS 4. Before this, the iPad had no multitasking feature or many of the other very useful parts of iOS 4. It’s a bit of a shame it didn’t launch with these things, but that’s no big deal anymore. It’s there, and that’s what matters.

The Race to the Cloud

The feature looks cool, but you must of course have an AirPrint-compatible printer, which few people do. We’d like a solution like Google’s cloud printing. We know that Apple is prepping iOS for the cloud soon, but this doesn’t sound like something we can expect, not at this point. Down the line? Maybe, but it seems like most of Apple’s cloud features will revolve around iTunes collections and keeping your playlists with you anywhere you go. It will be interesting to see their implementation compared to Google and Amazon, which we talked a bit about yesterday. While Google and Amazon did beat Apple to the cloud, it was recently reported that the music industry is still betting on Apple’s implementation, and hoping that the competition will force the others to pay royalties to the major labels.


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