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This was brought up last week by a few outlets, so it seemed like a fair bet that the new one would be available soon. The rumored date was Tuesday May 3rd or Wednesday. Looks like it’s already available, and it has some nice features for the iMac shopper.

Apple has added 2.5 – 3.1GHz  quad-core i5 processors. All models come with 4GB memory. The base model has a 500GB HDD and the rest a equipped with 1TB. Though those higher models can be upgraded to 2TB or given a second, 256GB SSD drive. It also has a FaceTime HD cam. This computer adds an SDXC slot and one Thunderbolt port (21.5-inch iMac) or two Thunderbolt ports (27-inch model).

As for the body, it still looks like the iMac we’ve been seeing for the past few years, or a giant iPad, if you wanna call it that.

Still, it’s a nice computer for those who want a desktop Mac. The all-in-one design keeps it simple and pretty wire-free.

We still kinda miss the iMac G4, but that’s mostly because we never got to own one of those and always thought they looked kinda cool. Yeah, by today’s standards they are pretty retro, but they still looked pretty.

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