Apple Store Employees Getting The Daily Download iPad App?

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image from 9to5mac

Above is a screenshot of what 9to5Mac says is a program made for Apple Store employees. It's an internal Apple Store app that the employees will be able to use in order to assist in sales. It has a bit of everything for the employees: a daily newspaper-type feature, RetailMe and other features geared at those working in Apple Stores. It also sounds as if the employees will be installing Lion in their store machines. This comes from one of 9to5Mac's sources:

"The “gigs of data” for sunday, as far as I can tell from the general consensus around the store and some of my contacts is that we will infact be downloading OS X Lion images and installing on all FOH machines for a Sunday launch. Nothing else fits since all other visual content has already been pulled from the apple servers that we gather content from. Lion is the mutual feeling around the store, even from managers. Speaking of managers, they have been given a general idea about what is happening, but full details will be revealed to them on friday evening."

We've been hearing rumors throughout the week about Apple prepping their retail locations (Apple Store) for some changes to celebrate their 10th anniversary. It's hard to believe that Apple's retail locations have been around since 2001.

There was quite a bit of speculation as to what is coming from Apple. The company has been quiet about it, and that's why we had our doubts about it being a new product release. As did many, we all figured that it would just be a little update to the store. Otherwise, Apple would have been working to give it some hype. They actually did not hype it at all. The new websites and blogs did it for them.


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