Apple Store’s 10th Anniversary Surprise?

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Apple may just be planning to update their retail stores with a new, iPad-based retail system. That is the word from website MacRumors. While many have been expecting some sort of product launch, or some rumors have pointed to that, it seems that they are just updating their retail system. This would also explain the training. Anyone who’s shopped at an Apple Store over the last couple of years has seen those EasyPay things that the employees have. It’s just an iPod touch-based system where employees can ring up customers without their having to walk to a cash register. It’s pretty convenient.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac cites a source that has given them unconfirmed info on the update. Internally, it’s being called “Apple Store 2.0” whether that will stick when they unveil it to the public, is unknown. It’s going to be a major makeover. Supposedly, Apple’s Senior VP of Retail, Ron Johnson, Steve Jobs and Jony Ive all had a hand in the redesign. It’s being said that rather than paper signs by each Mac detailing the product, users will see iPads, making the experience more interactive. It’s also said that the Apple Store iOS App is getting an update. A user can walk into an Apple Store and the App will know which location they are at. Unconfirmed here, but we’re thinking that the the idea of walking in with your iDevice and purchasing a product that’s in stock without ever having to ask for help is a cool idea. This gives you the benefit of easy shopping of the internet while giving you the chance to test out the unit at the store, which remains the major benefit of retail.

Everyone has been talking about the 10th anniversary surprise for Apple’s retail locations. We wrote a speculation post, despite the fun guesses, we mentioned in the end that Apple has not teased anything. This means that whatever “surprise” everyone is expecting may end up disappointing everyone, because it’s not the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3. We said something like this:

“We just don’t want to say, “Hey everybody! Get excited!” when it turns out to be nothing more than a little makeover for the insides of the retail locations. Nothing official from Apple has come out, and somehow we have a feeling that people will be disappointed when they read that it’s nothing more than a little redecorating.”

Looks like it was a good idea to keep our excitement in check. Many were thinking along the lines of iCloud, but that may not happen until WWDC.

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