Apple Updates Apple Store App – Merging Brick and Mortar With the Online

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According to recent reports, Apple has been working to update their retail store fronts for their 10th anniversary. That’s right, the first Apple Store location opened just over ten years ago, feeling old yet?

As always with Apple, they are always working to fully integrate the computer experience with their store experience. This time around they have updated their iOS Apple Store app to include a few new features.

Let’s take a quick look at the two new features included in this update.

1) Enhanced In-Store Mode

Apple has updated the In-Store mode so that users can use their iPhone or iPad to more quickly get support at their local Apple retail locations. Now users can sign up for help with an Apple retail employee or check the Genius Bar waiting time. They can also see when workshops are scheduled. It’s a cool new addition and it keeps things moving by keeping customer interaction quick and simple. Rather than having to flag someone down, people just sign in from their device and wait to be called. From there they can walk around and look at computers. It’s a nice combination of the best of both worlds: No having to wait for an item to ship and the ability to check something out with some hands-on time, but also offers the ability to find the items you are looking for without having to talk to an employee.


2) The Ability to Custom-Configure a new Mac with the Options You Want

Want something other than the stock RAM or hard drive that comes with your Mac? You can set that up and configure your computer any way you like, as shown by the image below:

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Want a little more memory with that Mac Mini? No problem.

Merging Online with Traditional Retail

We like the idea of merging online with the brick and mortar stores. The ability to reserve your spot in line for customer service help from your iPhone is a novel one. If there are four or five people in line in front of you, you can easily reserve your spot and shop around. When it’s your time to be helped, you already have an idea of what you want to purchase and you don’t have to hunt down an Apple Store employee. That’s especially useful for people like me. I’m a geeky, ugly dude, not a cute girl. You think the Apple Store employees bother to ask me if I need help, or go to the cute girl who is looking for a computer for her first year of college?

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