Apple: Verizon To Deliver Over-The-Air (OTA) Update For iOS 5

This image described by Apple, Verizon, iOS 5, ota update, over-the-air update, IOS 5 OTA UpdateIn a recent article over at 9to5Mac, Apple is repotedly planning ways to deliver over-the-air(OTA) OS updates for the iPhone with the help of Verizon Wireless, starting with iOS 5. Even though Apple always had the lead of introducing innovative ways, Android and Palm's webOS users have for long had the convenience of having OS updates pushed to their phones as soon as the update is available. On the other hand, till date, Apple users have to plug-in their devices to their Mac or PC with iTunes, in order to download and install updates.

The blog which maintains on it being tagged as 'Apple Intelligence' have been found successful on breaking such stories. The blog claims to have an insider source confirming on the iOS 5 rolled out using the new feature, allowing updates to be pushed to the device.

Moreover, the Cupertino-based gadget giant has been voiced on discussing the feature with Verizon since almost an year and something hints on both reaching an agreement. However no official word was available.

Whereas all of us know by now that Apple has the ability roll out OTA updates as with the Apple TV, there are some reasons which might be tagged as hurdles.

1. The substantial size, 600 MB, to be downloaded over a 3G connection.

2. Back-up system. iTunes usually creates a backup before downloading any update in case the update fails.

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