Are NFC Payments Coming to Apple Stores?

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Here's an interesting bit of rumor. Especially after hearing yesterday that one analyst says NFC (Near-Field Communication) won't be coming to the iPhone. We know, it's been back and forth this whole time. The truth is nobody really knows whether or not the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S or whatever they call it will have NFC technology built-in. It was all speculation based on two things: 1) They have been hiring several NFC experts over the past year, 2) Google rolled out a smartphone with NFC and Apple has to stay competitive.

Boy Genius Report (BGR) says that Apple may soon roll out an NFC-based payment system for their retail locations. This comes from multiple sources within Apple, they say. We will give BGR credit where it's due and say that they have been doing very well with Apple rumors lately.

It's believed that this may all be part of their 10th anniversary plans for the Apple Store. BGR does go into some more detail as to why this may happen soon:

"First off, Apple‚Äö√Ñ√¥s POS devices ‚Äö√Ñ√Æ its iPod touch-based wireless payment terminals ‚Äö√Ñ√Æ recently all went offline for ‚Äö√Ñ√∫maintenance‚Äö√Ñ√π for an entire day, leaving customers unable to purchase some items or return merchandise. Additionally, we have been told that there were recently multiple ‚Äö√Ñ√∫overnights‚Äö√Ñ√π in Apple retail locations, which required store employees to ‚Äö√Ñ√∫assist in installing TBD devices‚Äö√Ñ√π throughout the stores ‚Äö√Ñ√∫as the retail segment of Apple grows.‚Äö√Ñ√π Lastly, sources tell us that there have been new tables installed in stores that have different wiring compared to Apple‚Äö√Ñ√¥s standard tables."

This doesn't confirm anything yet. Still, it's an interesting idea, and may mean that Apple is ready to roll out NFC in their next iPhone after all.

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