Best Headline of the Day Points to “Paper iPhone”



There is an interesting piece of technology set to be revealed next week, reports website MSNBC. It's prototype for a thin, paper-like sheet that happens to be a tiny computer designed by Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen's University Human Media Lab. It's called PaperPhone, and is designed to be something like eInk, but flexible. Think Kindle, but feels as thin and flexible as paper.

The creator said, "This computer looks, feels and operates like a small sheet of interactive paper," adding that it can be bent into the shape of a cell phone, pages can be "turned" by flipping the corner and you can write on it with a pen.

The video above shows the prototype. It's said that it's functional, and the researches have been able to use it to carry out basic smartphone tasks. As it is, they say that it will be at least five to 10 years before it will be released. It will definitely take some work as all the gestures are based on bends. It probably won't be efficient until they can make it a bit easier than trying to memorize different bend motions.

Still, it looks neat, it's just too bad the world is supposed to end before we will ever see it. At least that's what we keep hearing. If there is any truth to that, your iPhone may never see this technology.


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