5 BlackBerry Curve Apollo Rumors

Today, some supposed details about RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Curve Apollo leaked out of the Tinhte.vn (Google translate) forums. Whether or not all the details are real is unclear. Still, it’s interesting to take a look at these and try to sort them out. Let’s just make it clear that we don’t know how accurate these bits of information are.

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1) The new handset is 11mm thick

They note that it’s 11mm thick. That’s thicker than RIM’s Dakota, which is .5mm. For comparison’s sake, the iPhone 4 is 9.3mm thick.


2) 480×360 resolution

The resolution has been improved over the 320×240 of the previous BlackBerry Curve models. They also note that the display quality is very good and “no worse than the 9700 or 9780.”

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3) 800mhz Processor

According to the information, it has a Mavell Tavor MG-1 CPU with an 800mhz clock, making it faster than the 9800. They also note that it has “well over 512mb ram.” Also worth noting are the 1000mAh battery, which they point out as opposed to a 1050mAh reported earlier.


4) 5MP Camera and VGA camera

The camera is said to be 5MP, which is about expected for a smartphone at this point. It also has as VGA camera (front and back, of course, with the front-facing camera being VGA).


5) Does not do HD Video

While they note that RIM’s phone codenamed Dakota does shoot HD video, the Apollo does not. Some may not be too bothered by that. For instance, the iPhone 4 shoots in 720p, I rarely use it as it increases my upload time. Of course there are situations where it’s appropriate, but if I’m just sending video of the cat to Mom, she doesn’t care if it’s in 720p or not.



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