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Everyone is looking at China's iOS stats thanks to the recent launch of the iPad 2 and the White iPhone 4. According to stats collected by UMeng, the iPhone 4 is the market leader in the smartphone market in China. Let's take a quick look at those numbers.

This data was recorded up to the end of March 2011, meaning that the iPad 2 and the White iPhone 4 were not yet available when this information was collected.

– The iPhone 4 is the most popular iOS device. It makes up 54 percent of the market share.

– Meanwhile, the iPhone 3GS makes up 16.1 percent of the iOS market share, placing it second.

– 34.6 percent of iOS devices are jailbroken.

– Jailbroken iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices reach almost 40 percent.

– iPad brings down the total as only 27 percent of Apple's tablet devices are jailbroken.

As for some of the other information gathered from the report, most users tend to use their iPhone during the day and their iPad later in the evening (makes sense). What's interesting is that many of the devices are jailbroken, but it's hard to know which were done by the owners. This is because the report states that many of the devices are purchased on the grey market, and some sell their devices with a free jailbreak service. TechNode has some of the report, which is in Chinese.

We recently learned about the iPad 2 and White iPhone 4 launches in China. While there were many reports of violence erupting, most of the pictures we saw seemed like people going about their shopping. There were a few injuries, but most of those seemed to be caused by a scalper who decided he would cut in line. Somehow, he got into a fight with an Apple Store employee and fight erupted somewhere along the way. More on that here.

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