Collabracam: Multi-Camera Live Editing on the iPhone

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The unity of camera and cell phone got a lot of imaginations churning years ago about how the final centralization of these devices may be a coming reality.  It has been a slow road, but after the iPhone include full 720p video and then video editing software like iMovie right from the touch screen, it seemed that the iPhone may be on its way to being a fully integrated multimedia device capable of producing as well as viewing.  This assumption has been pushed forward even more concretely with the recent release of CollabraCam.

CollabraCam, which is surprisingly only $6.00 at the iTunes App Store, is an app that can turn your iPhone into a centralized control booth for multiple camera inputs.  What this can do is receive video feeds from four different iPhone‚Äö√Ñ√¥s and allow you direct interaction with them through the app.  Here you will be able to see these feeds and do a live editing job through multi-cameras, recording a final video as you alternate between them.  This format is one that is built out of the live television structure, which holds a controller that has the ability to switch between cameras live and then record the final edit.

As you do this you are able to set a title and copyright information for the final video, and then start the record as you select different feeds.  This allows the other iPhone‚Äö√Ñ√¥s to then operate as independent cameras, focusing on just their angle or area of focus while you determine what you want in the final video.  You can then determine what size you want the file to be and then export a final video, deciding whether or not you want to actually save the session in Collabracam.

To actually perform this you are going to have to use a wireless LAN connection and not an Internet one, which excludes both Wi-Fi and 3G.  This is not going to allow for a full service post-production suite, but will be a fun way to capture a live event with your friends.

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