Convergance: A5 in MacBook Air, Where is Intel (Rumor)

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Website Macotakara is reporting saying that Apple is testing the A5 chip in the MacBook Air. The A5 as some may know, is the same processor that powers the iPad 2. Apple uses it for its speed and low power consumption.

If the rumors are true, Apple has been pleased with the results, and it runs better than they expected. This would also signify a further move from intel-built processors. Add that to the fact that Apple CEO Steve Jobs said while introducing the Air that they company believes that one day all Apple notebooks will be like the Air (he was referring to the SSD, the instant on and lack of optical drive, which are all features of the 2010 MacBook Air).

Still, the reports say that the MacBook Air running on the A5 (they also say that it was a single unit) was more of an experiment. If any of this is true, what will come of Intel’s processors in Apple computers? Perhaps they will continue on in the higher-performance machines, but users who want portable systems and long battery life will be satisfied with a cooler running, lower consumption processor.


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