Cool Little iPhone Jailbreak Software, Maybe for Giggles Right Now



RecognizeMe is a jailbreak software for your iPhone 4. It uses the front-facing camera of your iDevice to scan your face and unlock the device. You must of course be the owner of the device for this to work. At least that's the idea. The folks at website Engadget tried it out, and said that it worked for at least three people: the owner, and two colleagues. Two were male and the other was a woman, and they had to really play around with settings in order to get it to work. Even then, they said it wasn't totally accurate as they set the threshold to about 60 percent before it locked out the female but the two males were able to unlock the device. When they set the threshold up to 100, it didn't let anybody in. They also said it was a bit slow.

Still, the concept is kind of cool, and it makes for a cheap party trick at $7. Still, if this application does improve, it will make for some cool possibilities down the line. Unless, of course, you have an evil twin. Then they may be able to log in regardless, and the password won't stop them from using your iPhone.

The video above shows it in action, but of course it's probably some best-case scenarios, and that may have a lot to do with it, or the fact that the people that it's denying are moving around or are just still photos. Oh well, at least it's kinda fun, right?

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