Cool Video: Trapped in an iPhone




This video is called Ronen's Adventure Trapped in an iPhone. It's by Ronen Verbit and Vanya Polunin, and it's very cool. In the video, you see Ronen's hands first placing the three iPhone 4s next to each other vertically. He then begins a video which is of himself playing with a ball. It's well choreographed as he must move the iPhones accordingly so that they match the video on the handsets. It all had to be done in one take, which sounds very difficult given the length of the video. Still, he was able to pull it off, and it looked great. It's nothing more than about five minutes of silly entertainment. Still, it's a nice piece and shows some of the awesome stuff one can make with the simplest tools and ideas. The music is pretty cool, too. It fits the tone of the video.


We've seen people make great pieces of art with their iPhones, whether it's painting or music, someone out there with the talent and the know how is able to make great things happen on video. Each time we see something new and well-made we are impressed with what people are able to do. We're sure there is plenty more to come, and as iPhone's become more advanced, people will push the limits further. It wasn't until the iPhone 4 that people were able to do more advanced video editing and high-def video on their iPhone. What will come with the iPhone 5? We are interested in finding out.

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