Could This be the Next iPod Nano?


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According to website Apple Pro, this is the next iPod nano. If this is actually the next-gen nano, it looks similar in size and shape to the current model. However, it loses the clip. What’s lost in that is made up for with a built-in camera. The camera is 1.3 megapixels. It’s not the best camera, but as Apple Pro says, it’s probably okay for the tiny screen.

The site leaking the image is said to have done the same for the last six generations of iPod nano, in case you’re wondering how credible the site is. It’s not a huge deal since the iPod nano isn’t one of Apple’s flagship products, so while the image is interesting, it’s not as awesome as a leaked photo of the iPad or the iPhone.

Based on what we can see here though, it seems that Apple still needs to figure out the Nano. Clip, no clip? Camera, no camera, camera again? Each of their products go through changes, but most add features while the Nano seems to be a device that has gone back and forth between different design ideas.

We will know for sure whether this is the real iPod nano later this year during Apple’s fall music event when they reveal the latest line of iPods. That will probably also be when they show off the iPhone 5, which is reportedly delayed past the usual June-July release date. It this is the case, we expect this little guy to be overshadowed by the release of the iPhone 5. We’re sure Apple doesn’t mind.

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