DataDeposit Makes Jailbroken iOS Devices Sync Backup Data Over Dropbox

Does anyone out there play games on iOS? Yeah, lots of us do. Do you use lots of apps that save data but can’t keep that data saved across devices? The most common example is Angry Birds. A user playing on the iPhone can’t continue his or her game on the iPad. They must start from the beginning. It’s very annoying. Why replay the levels you’ve already worked to beat?

There are workarounds. They all require a jailbreak, and until now have been quite a chore to accomplish. That’s not the case anymore.

Those who want to know how to sync their saves now need nothing more than a Dropbox account, which is free, and a jailbroken iDevice.

Then you just go and download DataDeposit, a free Cydia App. It simply syncs your backup data between iOS device on Dropbox. Very convenient, and better than past methods, which almost seemed to take as long as playing the game again (Slight exaggeration, but you get the idea).

All that said, it’s reported that Apple’s iOS 5 may bring that iCloud service or updates to MobileMe that improve integration between the various iDevices. For now, it’s jailbreaking. Maybe soon we will see an official solution. We can only hope, but it would be a very welcome addition as Apple seems to want a fully-integrated world for their devices and computers. This would be one of the most important steps in getting it there. Look at how well Netflix does this with streaming movies. We can watch the movie on the Wii, stop halfway through. Pick up our iPad, go to bed and continue watching from there. AirPlay is a small step in the right direction, but things would have to go a long way before it becomes an ideal world of integration.

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