Equip A Slide-Out Keyboard To Your iPhone 4 With Nuu MiniKey

Ever wished that your iPhone had a sliding keypad? While most of you might be happy with the touch features, some might still want the smartphone been equipped with a sliding keyboard. We just bumped into a smartly designed unit, manufactured by Nuu and its distribution partner Noetic. With the success of Nuu MiniKey for iPhone 4 in Europe, both are delighted to unveil the product in North America.

Equipping your Apple smartphone with this friendly add-on, experience the look and feel of a slide-out physical keyboard on their iPhone via a Bluetooth connection. Unlike others, the MiniKey works with the iPhone’s own antennas which uses keyboard backlighting and switching automatically to sleep mode when the iPhone enters standby mode.

Moreover, the unit comes powered with its own battery while featuring various keys such as command key, navigation keys and a function key to make typing symbols faster and easier. By equipping your iPhone with the MiniKey, one of the biggest advantage is more screen space, giving you a larger view of what you are about to compose.

The Nuu MiniKey would be available to Verizon resellers as well as Amazon.com in the U.S. with a retail price of $80.

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