GeoHot is Working to Jailbreak iPad 2


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What does George Hotz, known as GeoHot, do when he can no longer jailbreak Sony's products? Heck, he's not even going to touch them at this point. Some of it is part of his settlement, and part of it is just because he's not going to support the company that tried to sue him by buying their products. It's okay, he's going back to to what got him recognition in the first place, iOS.

Currently, GeoHot and P0sixninja (Joshua Hill, the hacker behind Greenpois0n) have challenged each other to dump the iPad 2 (A5) bootrom. This, according to a tweet by Hill:

I challenged geohot to dump the iPad2 bootrom before me. Maybe having a worthy opponent will motivate me to work harder =P

This seems to have been the biggest challenge to those trying to hack the new Apple device. We learned this a few weeks back when the Dev-Team's MuscleNerd and Hill both had a few things to say about the A5, and the challenges with jailbreaking the iPad 2:


So far, our tests have shown my theory might be right 🙁 (Once the A5 bootrom is off, it stays off until power cycle)

and another from MuscleNerd:

the bootrom is actually inside the A5, so that would require some very advanced decapping and optics

While p0sixninja added:

Wow, I guess @MuscleNerd was right. BootROM just isn't there… Guess I gotta go HAM on Apple now.

It's been a challenge for them, but we think they can pull it off given time. Perhaps we will see something in time for the iPhone 5. All we can do on our end is be glad that there are people with the knowledge willing to do it at no cost to the rest of us. On top of that, they keep us updated on the progress.


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